Purchasing and Receiving Process Scrap

Recycling scrap conserve our natural resources and protect the environment

ANDEC S.A. firmly committed to the development of Ecuador, is immersed for a few years in promoting environmental awareness through processes where the participation of various sectors of society are key to the challenge of a better future, which only be achieved from a change in attitude and respect for natural resources.

Recycling scrap represents a saving of mineral resource of iron per ton of steel for construction that occurs.

Uptake of scrap as a raw material for making steel billet is carried ANDEC through its collection centers nationwide, providing suppliers ademása ease of removing the material in their storage yards.

Inspection process scrap

Once contact is made through the Department of Raw Material Deposits ANDEC, will consult an inspection visit to the lot offered, to visually establish the quantity, quality and location of the lot, then proceed to bid per tonne, the same will be it sent via mail or fax detailed where conditions of trading.

Accepted the offer must be forwarded to the respective ANDEC firm acceptance. Once you have completed the sale will be coordinated removal depending on the batch size will partially or totally.

Seriousness in retirement

After signing the agreement or contract, withdraw ANDEC metal, heavy and light scrap, provided it is not contaminated with harmful health and environmental elements.

Logistics costs covered by retirement ANDEC

Preparation of scrap (oxyfuel or compaction).
Shipment (car crane, forklift).
Transportation (trailer, truck or platform).

The supplier shall submit your bill by selling scrap when it has been completely removed.

Why ANDEC sell to?

The guarantee of seriousness and credibility in managing the sale is one of the main reasons we provide.

More than to be scrap supplier ANDEC automatically gives it a major commercial reference for you and your business.

Venderle a ANDEC

Exact weight

ANDEC has scales certified by the Instituto Ecuatoriano de Normalización (INEN), which guarantees a real weight.

Safety Information

ANDEC has extensive experience in the trade balance Ecuador, 50 years of experience at the industry level have positioned him among the strongest companies in the country, so when dealing with the sale of its ANDEC scrap is assured.

Correct disposal

The Municipio de Guayaquil and the Ministerio del Ambiente have authorized ANDEC as Environmental Manager for the management and disposal of scrap metal.

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Receiving scrap collection centers Andec

ANDEC has in its collection centers with scales, cranes and crews for the unloading operation, providing timely care to our suppliers.

Payment security

Once on total reception scrap and obtained net weight shall to make payment 100% sure, before the filing of the bill, by acreditacióna a bank account within a maximum of 72 hours, depending on the receiving bank.


DESCRIPTION: ANDEC SA march at the head of Ecuador's steel industry and as such is responsibly committed to the processes of environmental conservation, both within their operations and external projects pursuing this end, as well as signs an agreement with the Ministerio de Transporte y Obras Públicas and the Agencia Nacional de Tránsito for scrapping the Renova promoting Plan; project for the renewal of the fleet of public transport of Ecuador, through tariff exemption for new units, delivering an economic incentive granted by the carrier ANDEC sell your vehicle chatarrizado for as a loan from the Corporación Financiera Nacional.

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