Policy Prevention Management System (PMS) and the Integrated Management System (IMS) Business ANDEC S.A.

ANDEC S.A. engaged in the manufacture and marketing of steel products for the construction, knowing his lead role in the development of our country, declares its commitment to:

  • Deliver products to its customers in accordance with technical standards of quality, maintaining its permanent satisfaction.
  • Prevent environmental pollution generated by the organization, in order to reduce adverse environmental impacts.
  • Provide the best conditions of safety and health at work for all its staff, in order to identify the hazards and reduce the risks.
  • Comply with legislation and legal technical requirements applicable to its operations and other commitments which the organization voluntarily.
  • Provide the necessary resources to achieve efficient and effective management of the integrated system.
  • Maintain permanently updated and in execution the process of continuous improvement for the Integrated Management System.
  • Evaluate the fulfillment of Objectives and Goals of the Integrated Management System, through the Management Review.
  • Strengthen security and confidence of our customers through the use of technology, equipment and standardized methods and certified in physical, chemical and mechanical tests on raw materials and finished product that the company uses and markets.
  • Develop and implement ongoing training programs for all staff.
  • Constantly seek win-win relationships with suppliers and contract technical services.
  • Communicate to all company personnel and interested parties about the performance of the Integrated Management System.

This statement is updated periodically to adapt it; constituting for all direct and indirect contributor ANDEC S.A. an ongoing commitment to compliance as a sign of integration and loyalty to the company, and is available to all public.