Since the eighties, has had direct approach ANDEC the Instituto Ecuatoriano de Normalización (INEN). Organisation in charge of developing and disseminating Ecuadorian standards. All products meet the specifications required in INEN Ecuadorian standards and are certified under the seal of quality awarded by the Institute.
The company has more than twelve years for the quality management system. We are currently certified under the latest ISO 9001 version 2008. ANDEC has been dutiful in respect of, labor, environmental and safety laws and ordinances. This commitment allowed us to certify, in the three management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001).
  • Quality Control Management in Key Processes

    Process Raw Material

    Fetching Scrap
    Rated and weighing.


    Chemical composition.
    Quality billet.
    Quality input.
    Cooling system.
    Out of Control Norma.

    Lamination Process

    Quality of raw material.
    Quality of finished product (rod, wire, etc.).
    Control and weighing of finished products.
    Control of non-standard.
    Control of materials and spare parts (imported materials, etc).

    Quality of finished product (wires, mesh, shaped).
    Control of non-standard.

    Marketing Process

    Technical advice to customers.
    Technical lectures in works.
    Certificate of product quality.

  • Structure of Quality Control

    Acerías Nacionales del Ecuador ANDEC, by a full complement of modern control equipment in their laboratories, in addition to highly trained technical staff, has established a planned and systematic inspection system on the main points of their production processes, designed to ensure a consistent level of reliability and satisfactory in delivery of products and services for customers according to specifications of manufacturing standards, national and international.

    Physical Laboratory - Mechanical

    The Mechanical Physical Laboratory has modern electronic materials testing equipment tensile testing and creep; also has a bending machine that allows our rods bent assays corresponding to 180 °, showing the ductility thereof.

    Chemical Laboratory

    In the latest Chemical Laboratory spectrometers and chemical analysis equipment, aiming to ensure maximum accuracy of the analysis of our steel products are installed.

    Metallographic laboratory

    The Metallographic Laboratory has modern microscope with 800X magnification power, allowing incorporate into our processes, microscopic analysis of the structural characteristics of rebar, making it possible to determine the grain size, shape and distribution of various phases metal.

    Selection of Scrap Metal

    Tanques Usados

    Spectrometers for chemical analysis of steel

    Tanques Usados

    Quality Control rebar bending

    Tanques Usados

    Tensile test: Tinius Olsen machine capacity 2000KN

    Tanques Usados

    Tensile test: Wolpert machine capacity 500 KN

    Tanques Usados

    Microscopic analysis of the structural features of the rebar

    Tanques Usados